Hello, since my initial meeting with Shyra Smith and the Black Scroll, new doors have opened up for me and my ministry.
Her connection with other people of God has been a tremendous blessing and I thank her greatly for trusting the God in me!

Shyra Smith has allowed me to share my book, "Truth In Life", at her TOWER meeting, which was a huge success.

Your ministry and friendship will always remain with me and my prayers for you.

Elder Johnnie Sanders

I always look forward to speaking with Shyra; for she is always positive, productive and full of ideas and suggestions to assist me to take my business to the next level. I highly recommend to those who are trying to expand their business to start working with Shyra Smith - or be ready to be left behind.

I was blessed the day I met Shyra. She is a true leader. My experience with her has been a most exciting journey. She taught me to believe in myself and pushes me to be more than I ever thought possible. She doesn’t understand the words “I Can’t” and has taught me to believe the same. She listens with a strong sense of interest. I feel I am the only one that concerns her when I am faced with an issue. In reality, I know she has many matters that she is handling.

I hope to continue my travel adventures with her.

She is a true lady and a woman of God.

I’m very grateful to her. May God bless her in every way.

C. Byrom

Shyra Smith is a person with a vision. She delivers more than promised, pulls together a dynamic team of leaders to support her vision, and goes the extra mile to ensure everything is consistently handled in a professional and timely manner. It has been a joy and privilege working with her on the monthly T.O.W.E.R. network meetings.

Since meeting her in 2007, I can assure you that she is a Star Performer, and a Leader, who is taking action to make our world a better place, especially the business community. I proudly recommend her for any project, whether large or small.

If you want something done right then get Shyra to do it. My website is absolutely The best!. It's so good I find myself going over and over the pages marveling at the clarity and the professionalism. I am so excited about her work because I know that When people visit my site they will fine everything in order and easy to find. Wow, and don't let me get started about her attention to detail and her eye for style. No doubt, I'm about to do some serious business on the internet, and all because of my awesome website--thanks Shyra!

Where can I begin? Shyra, is one of the most knowledgeable women I have met and she gained all of this knowledge on her own. She researches and puts her own touch on what she learns and teaches it to others. She shows you how to be successful one step at a time. She is patient and understanding, but at the same time, will hold you accountable for what you are doing. She has a very high work ethic and is esteemed highly by her peers and friends. She has helped, inspired, and guided me with my business to help me get up and running. It's in the baby stage, but she doesn't choke me with a lot of stuff at once, she only gives me what I'm needing bit by bit until that goal is reached, then she gives me another goal to reach out to. I can say she truly is a woman of God who cares and she loves her clients. She is an encourager and a motivator! She and her husband, Howard, are truly wonderful people. If you are unsure as to who you want to go with as it pertains to coaching, I can assure you through my own experiences that she's the real deal. She wants you to succeed! She doesn't hold the carrot up and tease you with it like I've found others to do and then charge you big bucks asking, "Do you want it?" “You gotta pay me thousands of dollars to get it.” Instead, she actually tells you step by step how to get to that carrot and how to take it and eat it to get its nourishment, which equates to wealth! She's awesome!!!!

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